La bellota de Quercus insignis Martens & Galeotti, 1843, la más grande del mundo

Yureli García-de la Cruz, Joaquín Becerra-Zavaleta, Alejandra Quintanar-Isaías, José María Ramos-Prado, Angélica María Hernández-Ramírez


Quercus insignis M. Martens & Galeotti, better known as “chicalaba” in Mexico is a critically endangered oak species and it is characterized by producing the biggest acorns in the world. Despite of its ecological importance as a dominant component in cloud forests in Veracruz, Mexico, its habitat is facing high deforestation rates. In this review, we describe the chicalaba, its distribution, uses and some ecological aspects to promote its propagation and management including ecological restoration programs.

Palabras clave

Quercus insignis; Chicalaba; Critical endangered oak species; Biological description; Current state of knowledge

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