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Charcas de vida para el tritón pigmeo y el galápago leproso

Ulrike Möhring



Ponds are important resources of freshwater; they provide ecologic stepping-stones and have a significant importance as habitats for a multiplicity of plants and animals. But today the European ponds are declining dramatically going along with the disappearing of many species that depend on them. Fundación Monte Mediterráneo, a foundation for nature conservation and ecologic agriculture, launches a project to rescue the ponds. On the Dehesa San Francisco, an area in Huelva/Andalusia (Spain), still existing ponds will be conserved and optimized and new ponds will be created for the rescue of the aquatic species like the southern marbled newt Triturus pygmaeus (Wolterstorff 1905) an the spanish pond turtle Mauremys leprosa (Schweigger 1812).

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Ponds; Amphibians; Conservation project; Andalusia; Southern marbled newt; Spanish pond turtle

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