Master Oficial en Biodiversidad: El CIBIO se incorpora al Espacio Europeo de Educación Superior (EEES)

José Luis Casas Martínez


Doctoral studies in Spain are actually under a period of deep renewal that is inteded to be finished by 2010 with the establishment of a new education system in our Universities consisting in a first level or Graduate, and a second level or Postgraduate studies, this latter being comprised by a Master level and Doctoral studies. Since 1999, CIBIO (Iberoamerican Center of Biodiversity) is giving a Doctoral Program called “Biodiversity: Conservation and Management of Species and their Habitat” that merits the Quality Mention awarded by the Spanish Education and Science Ministry since the establishment of this distinction in 2003. Since then, CIBIO has been working jointly with the Institute of Ecology A.C. (Xalapa, Mexico) to offer to our students an innovative, realistic and pluridisciplinary formation regarding the problems affecting biodiversity and its management, both in Iberoamerican as in the Mediterranean basin. We are actually faced to a deep renewal by virtue of which we have proposed a new Doctoral Program during this same season 2009-10 and a new Master in Biodiversity that will be launched the next season. These changes will be kept within the bonds of the educational convergence process started in Europe with the Bologne Declaration in 1999.

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Bologna; European Space for Higher Education; Master; Postgraduate education

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