Estatus y conservación de los coleópteros saproxílicos en Europa


  • Ana Nieto
  • Keith N.A. Alexander


Palabras clave:

Saproxylic beetles, Red list, Conservation status, Distribution, Threats, Europe


The European Red List consists of a selection of 436 saproxylic beetles native to Europe or naturalised in Europe before AD 1500. Red List assessments were made at two regional levels: for geographical Europe and for the 27 Member States of the European Union. Overall nearly 11% of the assessed saproxylic beetles are considered threatened in all Europe, while at the EU 27 level, 14% are threatened. A further 13% of saproxylic beetles are considered Near Threatened. However, for more than a quarter (28%) of the species, there were not enough scientific information to evaluate their risk of extinction and they were classified as Data Deficient. Almost 14% of the species assessed have declining populations. Approximately 27% are thought to be more or less stable, and only 2% are increasing. The population trend for 249 species (57%) remains unknown. Saproxylic beetles in Europe are mainly threatened by habitat loss in relation to logging and wood harvesting and the decline of veteran trees throughout the landscape, as well as the lack of land management targeted at promotion of recruitment of new generations of trees. It is hoped that the results of this Red List will stimulate research, monitoring and conservation action of saproxylic beetles at the local, regional and international levels.


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Nieto, A., & Alexander, K. N. (2010). Estatus y conservación de los coleópteros saproxílicos en Europa. Cuadernos De Biodiversidad, (33), 3–10.