Estudio de la distribución de las especies frente al cambio climático


  • Jessica Bravo Cadena
  • Gerardo Sánchez Rojas
  • Sandra Milena Gelviz-Gelvez


Palabras clave:

Climate change, Distribution, Research lines


Due to global warming in the last hundred years, there have been different approaches to assess their impact on biodiversity. Within these approaches, one that is frequently used is to evaluate changes in species distribution. This assessment uses long-term direct observations, the fossil record or spatially explicit models considering the climatic conditions of past, present and future. These models can be evaluated by direct observation or through the past with the fossil record. The results show that species can expand, maintain or reduce their distribution depending on the characteristics of the species. On the other hand, the information generated from these studies could help to identify the most vulnerable species to climate change, or those who can benefit, being useful to propose mitigation measures or conservation strategies.


Este trabajo contó con el apoyo del proyecto FOMIX-HIDALGO 98122 “Efecto del cambio Climático en la Distribución de las Diversidad en el Estado de Hidalgo”.


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Cómo citar

Bravo Cadena, J., Sánchez Rojas, G., & Gelviz-Gelvez, S. M. (2011). Estudio de la distribución de las especies frente al cambio climático. Cuadernos De Biodiversidad, (35), 12–18.