Entomología cultural y conservación de la biodiversidad: los insectos en las Artes Mayores

Marina Blas Esteban, Jesús del Hoyo Arjona


The aim of this paper is to state the importance of insects in culture and, to be specific in the traditionally called “High Arts”. Also, how cultural variety, trends in art, and obviously the idiosyncrasy of those artistic objects where insects are used as a source of inspiration, obviously have an impact on the different forms in which insects are represented. We will show a selection of examples as a chronological, not comprehensive guide through the manifold forms and symbolism linked to the representation of insects within each of these Arts. Thus, we demonstrate how insects are closely and profusely connected to all cultural manifestations. Also, how their long-standing relationship with mankind and its cultural milieu, even in spite of occasionally having negative connotations has in fact helped towards the preservation of biodiversity. There is no denying that cultural diversity and biodiversity are closely related.

Palabras clave

Cultural entomology; High arts; Representation; Conservation

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14198/cdbio.2013.42.01

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