La magia de los insectos en México: la singular historia del “Maquech” (Zopherus chilensis Gray, 1832)

Lorena Angélica Romero Kantún, Ingrid R. Sánchez Galván


Zopherus chilensis Gray, 1932 (Coleoptera: Zopheridae), is a small size saproxylic beetle called “Maquech”. This Neotropical specie has peculiar connotations into Maya´s culture. In this paper we show the ornamental use of Z. chilensis and our ultimate goal is to claim for a comprehensive conservation of biodiversity of saproxylic beetles from México.

Palabras clave

Zopherus chilensis Gray, 1978; Maquech; Saproxylic beetle; Insect ornamental use; Conservation status

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