La ordenación de la Infraestructura Verde en el sudeste Ibérico (Comunidad Valenciana, España)

María Teresa Cantó López


The integration of urban space and adjoining rural areas need instruments to help maintain the value of natural capital and improve infrastructure support biodiversity. In this sense, the Green Infrastructure provides natural solutions to solve problems such as flood control, climate regulation of the city, pollination or water quality, and contributes to the economic, ecological and natural sectors of society. In Valencia (South Eastern Spain), Law 4/2004 of 30 June, spatial planning and landscape protection (LOTPP) adds Article 19a called green infrastructure as a network of spaces formed by territorial areas and elements of high environmental, cultural and visual value that integrates and determines the territorial and municipal planning.

Palabras clave

Regional planning; Green infrastructure; Landscape; Urban planning; Biodiversity

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