Ni bueno, ni bonito, ni barato. El problema de la simplificación de la naturaleza


  • Gabriel J. Souba Dols


Palabras clave:

Simplification of nature, Synthesis, Modern society, Urban ecosystem, Agriculture, Human-nature connection, Turning point, Climate change


Modern society has lost its natural connection with the environment. Present agriculture methods and city planning around the world support this fact. Humanity has always simplified nature in order to control it but, far from this, we have contributed to enhance current environmental issues as air and water pollution, soil fertility loss, species extinction and climate change. Therefore, it may be reasonable to change our point of view of nature. By assuming that we are an inseparable part of nature and vice versa, we may achieve a true conservation of the richness of our planet. We must synthesise nature because every living being is a part of a bigger whole. We need to live the complexity of life. Nowadays, we have reached a turning point after which we must decide either changing our ways or sacrificing our future. Hopefully, a slight impulse is sometimes enough to change the course of History.


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Souba Dols, G. J. (2014). Ni bueno, ni bonito, ni barato. El problema de la simplificación de la naturaleza. Cuadernos De Biodiversidad, (45), 7–9.