Cuadernos de Biodiversidad

Biodiversidad y cultura cafetalera en México

Armando Contreras Hernández, María Luisa Osorio Rosales



Coffee is grown in agro-ecosystems designed by humans in tropical rain forests. Under diversified shade coffee retains much of the structure and functioning of forest ecosystems. After cereals, coffee is the agricultural product moving major currencies in international markets. It is produced in 50 countries by indigenous and peasants. In order to evaluate the coffee culture of central Veracruz region in Mexico, coffee production systems were studied and social organization manners were identified. The project had a transdisciplinary design. The network consists of 100 scholars, 10 organizations of producers and 109 companies in 52 municipalities. In four years (2010-2013), 254 meetings were held with the participation of 6,400 persons. Each activity was thought looking at farmers, their business project and its own culture.

Palabras clave

Agroecosystems; Coffee culture; Transdisciplinary; Resource management

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